Bad Breath Smile Direct Club Vs Byte About Teeth

An unpleasant smell from the mouth can spoil a date, alienate friends, and hinder a career. You can deal with bad breath by brushing your teeth smile direct club vs byte after each meal, regularly removing tartar at the dentist’s office, or following a proper diet.

Bad breath is such an embarrassing condition that it is not always talked about even between close people. Meanwhile, it is a very common ailment, because each of us comes into contact with it at some point. How to fight it? There are several proven ways to do this smile direct club , but to choose the right one you need to know more about the causes of bad breath .

According to research conducted in many countries, the cause of bad breath is by far the most common (as much as 87% of cases) in the mouth. More precisely — it is the result of neglect or improper hygiene. Plaque, consisting of food remains byte, accumulates on unwashed teeth, which is a great medium for various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi. They have favorable conditions for rapid multiplication, resulting in caries smile direct club vs byte, gum and mucosa diseases. These diseases are usually accompanied by an unpleasant putrid smell.

Smile Direct Pleasant:

Dentists estimate that dental and periodontal diseases are responsible for more than 30 percent. cases of bad breath.

Almost as common cause of Smile Direct the problem are dentures, especially those made of acrylic. It is a porous material, so in the event of insufficient hygiene, bacteria and fungi quickly multiply into it. Leaky crowns or bridges, under which the remains of food get and lie, are also a source of putrid odor from the mouth.

But the most common (about 41 percent of cases) the blame for bad breath is the raid on the back of the tongue, in which anaerobic bacteria multiply. One of the products of the metabolism of these microorganisms are volatile sulfur compounds that are unpleasant to the smell (hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, methyl mercaptan).You have to put Smile Direct yourself in the hands of the dentist — heal your teeth and gums, remove rotten roots, eliminate fistulas, inflammation. The condition of dentures or individual artificial teeth must also be checked and, if necessary, sealed or replaced. After that byte, it will all depend on proper oral hygiene.

Brush your teeth after each meal, at least rinse your mouth thoroughly, or chew sugar-free gum for 10–15 minutes.

Also clean the tongue — remove the tarnish with a special tongue scraper or a toothbrush.

After brushing your teeth in the evening, use a mouth rinse Smile Direct that removes germs and reduces plaque build-up.

Regularly remove tartar at the dentist’s office.

Bad breath byte: diseases of the throat, nose and sinuses

Do you have healthy teeth and gums, do you care for oral hygiene? If you still smell an byte unpleasant smell in your breath smile direct club vs byte , visit an ENT specialist, because the second most common cause of the problem — after dental surgery — are diseases of the throat, nose and sinuses.

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